West Brook High School Navy Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (NJROTC)


Last Updated   September 13, 2011
  External Chain of Command  



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Commander in Chief: The Honorable Mr. Barack H. Obama


 Vice President: The Honorable Mr. Joe R. Biden



 Secretary of State: The Honorable John Kerry

Secretary of Defense: The Honorable Mr. Chuck Hagel 


Secretary of the Navy: The Honorable Mr. Ray Mabus


Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff: (Army) General Martin Dempsey


Chief of Naval Operations: Admiral Jonathan Greenert 


Commandant of the Marine Corps: General James F. Amos


Commander, Naval Education and Training Command: Rear Admiral Michael White


Commander, Naval Service Training Command: Rear Admiral Richard Brown


Area Manager , Area Ten: Commander Mike Hale, USN (Ret)


Senior Naval Science Instructor (SNSI): Chier Warrant Officer (CWO-4) Boone USN(Ret)


Naval Science Instructor (NSI): Sergeant Major Akins USMC(Ret)


MCPO of the Navy: MCPO Mike Stevens 


SgtMaj of the Marine Corps: SgtMaj Michael Barrett 



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